Neil and Alexis reunite on General Hospital
Credit: Image: ABC screenshot

Alexis can’t catch a break.

Monday’s General Hospital sent fans into an uproar with the unexpected death of a character. Yep, sweet, kind, smart, (formerly) Dr. Neil Byrne turned up dead after a night of passion with Alexis. Fans on Twitter had a big reaction to the shocking reveal, but it also led to some thoughts about Alexis’ future. Even Alexis’ portrayer Nancy Lee Grahn had a humorous reaction.

It says a lot about the character of Neil and his portrayer Joe Flanigan that fans were in a tizzy over the recurring character’s untimely demise. Neil was seemingly uncomplicated, non-toxic, and a sweet match for Alexis, who, after all the villains she’s been paired with, was a nice change of pace. But sadly, after months of being apart, due to them crossing doctor-patient boundaries, they finally reunited only for him to turn up dead. They were just too happy in the afterglow, you knew something was bound to mess it up.

Facebook commenter Alice Ann said, “His death is bs. I really liked him. And I think that would have been a great storyline.” Meanwhile, Cookie Gilleo W. said, “I will hate it if they kill off Neil. He is great with Alexis.”

Now that Neil is no longer an option, what’s next for Alexis? Could his death pave the way for a Julexis reunion? Perhaps, but what happens when she finds out he knew Brad was passing Wiley off as his and Lucas’ son? Not to mention that he caused Lucas’ car crash?

Of course, another of Alexis’ exes could be an option. A fun Twitter exchange between Grahn and Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) prompted fans to jump on the Sexis bandwagon.

Alexis and Sonny might not ever happen again (although, you never know), but with Sonny possibly losing Carly to Jax, he might need someone to turn to ASAP. Then again, it might be more interesting to watch Alexis hit the Port Charles poker scene, as she confessed was her dream job, and meet a mysteriously charming card shark. She is going to need a new job. Why not mix business with pleasure?

What do you think? Are you up for Sexis round two? Want her back with Julian? Or should she find new love and romance on her next adventure? (Grahn has some ideas about that, which she shares here.) Sound off on what you want for Alexis next below and view our gallery of photos of General Hospital characters that we want to see come back.

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