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What if she didn’t have one child… but three?!?

For years, General Hospital has been toying with us, inviting us over and over to guess the identity of Nina’s long-lost daughter, only to turn around and say, “Ha! Wrong again… or are you?” And truthfully, we’ve loved every minute of it.

First, when Nina butted heads with stepdaughter Charlotte’s teacher, Willow, it seemed blatantly obvious that the younger woman would turn out to be her child. Even now, the show flirts with that notion; only last week, the antagonists managed to bond a bit over the abduction of Willow’s stepson, Wiley.

In Valentin’s own twisted way, he hoped to give Nina the best present ever by hiring Sasha to pretend to be the daughter that his true love so badly wanted. And, here and there, we’ve been made to suspect that — holy crap! — what if, unbeknownst to them all, the faker has been the real deal all along?

More recently, it’s been revealed that Nelle is in possession of the other half of Nina’s telltale heart necklace, drawing us to the obvious conclusion that she is the Crimson boss’ kid. (As if Claire’s would’ve only ever stocked one!)

Valentin and Nina are still together General Hospital

But at this point, any and all of those outcomes seem… well, almost too easy. Too expected. So we predict that General Hospital is going to pull the rug out from under us in a big way by ultimately telling us that Nina didn’t have a daughter, she had more than one — nemeses Willow and Nelle are sisters!

But wait, there’s more. We also think that Sasha will turn out to be their sibling — that’s right, triplets! Just think of the drama that would ensue if Nina tried to stage a family reunion. On one hand, you’d have Willow, who’s married to Nelle’s ex, Michael, and raising her son. On another, you’d have Sasha, who faked a fling with Willow’s boyfriend to push her toward her own beau, Michael. On yet another — wait, that’s too many hands — you’d have Nelle, who to this day has a sexual hold over Willow’s former love, Chase. Could it get any juicier?

Who do you think will turn out to be Nina’s daughter… or daughters? While you hit the comments with your best guesses, you might also enjoy perusing the below photo gallery of daytime two-timers — actors like General Hospital vets Roger Howarth (Franco) and Michael Easton (Finn), who’ve scored in two roles on the same show.