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Credit: Image: Chris D/JPI

We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed her throwing off sparks with her former flame! 

One could almost forgive General Hospital’s Sonny for not noticing what’s going on right under his nose. After all, the guy has got a lot on his plate, between dealing with end-of-life decisions for dad Mike and trying to prevent rival Cyrus from taking over Port Charles. But if the Teflon don doesn’t open his eyes soon, it might be too late where his marriage is concerned! Because day by day, Carly is getting ever closer to her ex-husband, Jax! 

Truth be told, we’re not sure even Jax and Carly are aware of what’s happening between them. So far, the only person who seems to have any clue at all is Nina, who has more than once in recent weeks had a front-row seat to what’s looking an awful lot like Jax and Carly’s reunion tour! 

Already, Carly is leaning on Jax for support as she deals with the consequences of Nelle’s seemingly fatal plunge. (We say “seemingly” because while we believe Wiley’s mom eventually will wind up dead, we’re not convinced it’ll be as a result of that fall!) Jax was the one by Carly’s side moments after the incident took place, and in an unexpected turn of events, the straight arrow who’s usually a big advocate of truth-telling urged his former wife to lie about what had happened! 

The situation is sure to become more fraught on Tuesday, Sept. 1, because while Sonny’s off making plans for a special occasion, Carly is putting her head together with Jax. Sure, right now she’s only taking him into her confidence, but secrets have a way of bringing people closer. Especially people who share a past… 

Certainly, Carly is well aware of how badly scenarios like this can play out. It wasn’t all that long ago that she and Sonny were the ones keeping the fact they’d, er, “reconnected” from her then-fiancé, Franco. (You may recall that that particular scenario resulted in a show-stopping wedding at which Franco called his would-be bride “a lying, cheating whore” before exposing to the world that Sonny had been the one to kill A.J.!) 

Whether Jax and Carly cross the line remains to be seen, but even if they don’t fall into one another’s arms, it could prove damaging to their individual relationships. Sonny would no doubt see his wife confiding in another man as a betrayal, and we all know how triggering that particular word is for him. (Just ask Brenda!) And although Nina’s a completely different person from the scheming, manipulative woman who came out of that decades-long coma, the insecurities which drove her in the past are still there, just beneath the surface, waiting to be dredged up. 

Will Carly and Jax give in to temptation, and if so, what might the fallout be? Hit the comments with your thoughts on how this will play out, then click on the gallery below to remind yourself that Sonny and Carly have faced more than a few challenges over the years!