general hospital britt expose peter free obrecht
Credit: Images: John Paschal/JPI, ABC

His web of lies may soon be untangled and torn down by a most formidable foe.

When we learned that Kelly Thiebaud was bringing Britt back to General Hospital — and for a longer stint than her last one — we were stoked. Not only do we always enjoy getting our fix of The Britch, but the storyline possibilities for the character are as tantalizing as they are endless.

First, of course, there’s Britt’s unfinished business with Julian. Thiebaud and William deVry, you’ll recall, threw sparks like they were welders when she last appeared on the show. If chemistry like theirs doesn’t demand a rematch, we don’t know what kind would!

Britt could also cross paths with old flame Nikolas, thereby giving Ava a wickedly sexy idea: Instead of push her husband of convenience toward happily-married Elizabeth — who, let’s face it, is pretty unlikely to cheat on Franco — the femme fatale could nudge her future ex in bachelorette Britt’s direction. She could demonstrate how much she’s changed — and they could both discover that, underneath, their feelings for one another remain the same. If she’s also reconnecting with Julian while all of this is going on, so much the more intriguing!

But perhaps the juiciest plot thread that could be pulled is the one that would set free Britt’s mother, Obrecht. Supposing Britt made it her mission to clear Mommie Dearest’s name. Doing so would expose not only Leisl’s innocence (for once!) but half brother Peter’s guilt. In one fell swoop, the precarious house of cards that he’d built would come tumbling down around his ears. He’d lose Maxie, Anna… everything. And you have to admit, there’s something very right — Shakespearian, even! — about the idea of Nathan’s sister being the one to save his widow from his unworthy brother.

While you contemplate the possibilities, perhaps you’d enjoy checking out the below photo gallery of General Hospital characters we want back stat. One of them is already returning to Port Charles, so we can’t wait to see who’ll be next!