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Credit: Image: Chris D/JPI

Only recently, the Emmy winner was in bad shape, he admits.

In his latest State of Mind video, General Hospital leading man Maurice Benard (Sonny) speaks out about the impact that medication has had on his life. He understands that “some people don’t want to do it, because creatively, they feel like they can’t do their best work” if they are taking pills to improve their mental health. (We can probably all guess who he’s talking about there.)

But if Benard was of that mindset, we’d be seeing a very different Sonny on General Hospital right now. When the world was turned upside-down this past spring, “a lot of things happened at once,” he recalls. As a result, his anxiety worsened — to the point that he was prescribed Lexapro. He spoke to a therapist, he says, but “no amount of talking was gonna get me out of it.”

Ironically, one of the side effects on the drug is that, at first, it can make the user’s condition worse. The Emmy winner stuck with it, though. Now, he says, “I’m back.”

Not only that but he’s back on the set, which was a more emotional than usual experience for him. “I had tears in my eyes just because I was working,” he confesses. “A month and a half ago, I couldn’t have worked. I couldn’t have. I would have been a shell of myself.

“I would have done it,” he adds, “but it would have been a whole different thing. So I was proud of myself that I was doing it. And I feel great again.”

Thank goodness for that! Say, if you’re hoping today’s forecast calls for more Sonny, you can watch his entire State of Mind talk above. And perhaps you’d enjoy checking out the below photo gallery, which revisits some of the challenges that the dimpled don has overcome in his own tumultuous life.