GH Who Killed Nelle
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We suspect falling off that cliff was only the beginning of the end for Nelle! 

Sure, things looked bad after General Hospital’s Nelle tumbled off that cliff. But unless you’re new around these parts, you know that it ain’t easy to actually kill most Port Charles citizens. The badder they are, the harder it is to do away with them. And Nelle? Well, she’s lied, manipulated, blackmailed, schemed, seduced and even married her way out of more trouble than an entire coven of witches could brew up.

But sooner or later, that kind of thing catches up with you. For Nelle, that seemed to happen when her inevitable confrontation with Carly ended with Wiley’s mom falling to her presumed death. Or did it?

Something tells us that Nelle will soon turn up dead, but not from that fall. Sure, at first it’ll look like maybe that was the cause of death, but something will be slightly off… and after a little bit of investigating, one of the PCPD’s finest will figure out that Nelle emerged from that river alive and well, only to be murdered!

What makes us say that? Mainly because this is a story too good to pass up, and one that’s been building for ages. When Julian pulled a gun on Nelle and said, “Someone has to stop you,” we suspect a lot of people in the audience volunteered to do the job! After all, much as soap fans dig a villain they can love to hate, there comes a point at which the wrongdoer has to either be redeemed or punished… and Nelle had no intention of changing her wicked ways!

If anything, Nelle manage to antagonize even more folks in recent weeks, which hardly seemed possible! By slashing Brook Lynn’s throat, she had even Ned and Olivia wanting to return the favor! And while we absolutely hate the thought of losing portrayer Chloe Lanier — who makes being bad look like so much fun, it, like many of Nelle’s actions, should be illegal — the writing would appear to be on the wall. In blood. In big, bold letters reading, “Nelle, you in danger, girl!”

Should our dire prediction be accurate, and Nelle really does pay the ultimate price for having run roughshod over her enemies and neighbors, it would kick off one heck of a good mystery. Because not since J.R. Ewing ate lead served up by sister-in-law Kristin 40 years ago — ugh, yes, we’re really that old! — has one person inspired so many death threats. With The Invader‘s publisher busy dealing with girlfriend Maxie’s pregnancy, we thought we’d help Peter out by giving him a headline — “Whodunit?!?” — and suspect list to splash across the paper’s front page should our prognostication prove to be a preview of Nelle’s obit!

Who do we think the Port Charles Police Department should focus their investigation on?  Let’s take a look, in no particular order…

Carly Nelle Who Killed Nelle

Carly Corinthos

Okay, sure, we said “in no particular order,” but let’s be clear: All eyes will turn in Carly’s direction should Nelle meet her maker under suspicious circumstances. These two have crossed swords so many times, it’s long seemed inevitable that eventually, one would wind up inflicting a mortal wound upon the other. While we’d definitely bring Carly in for questioning, she’d likely turn the tables by asking us, “If I were going to kill the rhymes-with-witch, why didn’t I do it ages ago?”

Julian Jerome

Anybody who’s ever watched or read murder mysteries knows that the first two people questioned are the butler (because, duh) and the husband. Since even the richest folks in town have been servant-free for years, that leaves Julian. Given that his and Nelle’s unholy union was a shotgun wedding — and the groom would have put a bullet in his bride had Taggert not intervened — one doesn’t have to have all that great an imagination to see him opting to permanently annul their marriage.

Michael and Nelle face off on General Hospital

Michael Corinthos

We may think of him as a saint, but never forget that Michael’s got the blood of two verified sinners, Carly and A.J., coursing through his veins and, as an added bonus, was raised by Mob boss Sonny. Besides, homicides don’t come much more justifiable than doing away with the woman who gave your newborn baby away, let you believe him to be dead for an entire year… and then had the nerve to fight you for custody!

Lucas Jones

If it takes you a minute to even figure out how he’s connected to this story, we understand. After all, despite having devoted a year of his life to raising Wiley, Lucas was basically pushed out of the picture the moment the truth about the tot’s heritage came to light. Maybe he’s been out there unraveling, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to punish the woman who set his misery in motion!

Peter August

Backstage at the Nurses Ball, Nelle told Spinelli and Robert that her late hubby, Shiloh, had given her all kinds of dirt on Peter. If Maxie’s beau overheard that conversation — and he was lurking around at the time — he might have decided to silence the troublemaker before she could spill one more drop of tea. And if social media is to be believed, many viewers wouldn’t be terribly sad if killing Nelle led to Peter finally being exposed for the creep he is!

harmony who killed nelle

Lorraine Miller

“Who?” you’re asking. Sorry, you know her better as Harmony. She might not be the first person you’d think of when it comes to this list, but never forget that she clearly had a thing for Shiloh (whom Nelle married) and, as Willow’s mom, might be fiercely protective of both her daughter and Wiley, the child Michael’s wife thinks of as her own. Maybe a murder trial would be just the thing to prove that sad sack Lorraine and wisecracking attorney Diane sharing a last name isn’t a coincidence!

Yes, it’s safe to say that offing Nelle would be a killer twist which could provide months’ worth of juicy story. Heck, we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to potential suspects. We didn’t even mention Sonny (who’d gladly do away with Michael’s ex if only so Carly would stop complaining about her), Ava (who’s repeatedly offered brother Julian tips on how to eliminate his unwanted wife) or Nina (who may or may not have brought the bad seed into this world)!

Hit the comments to tell us whom you’d cast as Suspect No. 1 should Nelle turn up dead from unnatural causes. Then visit the gallery below as we look at 10 characters who could easily fill the void should a Nelle-sized hole suddenly open up on the canvas!