Katelyn MacMullen as Willow Emmy Nom GH
Credit: Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC

In her time of need.

Willow, Michael, and the rest of their family have been left devastated by Wiley’s kidnapping. That development might not be the only shocking thing that happens this week though. Per the General Hospital spoilers, while it looks like Michael receives support from his mother Carly, Willow finds her own source of comfort from an unlikely source.

The first two names who come to mind are Chase, who Willow believes cheated on her, and Sasha, who she thinks Chase cheated with. If it’s Chase, it could stir old feelings which might make him want to confess how he and Sasha manipulated her and Michael into getting married. Sasha’s guilt could also get the better of her should she be the shoulder Willow cries on.

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Nina is another option for providing Willow with comfort. Considering Nina knows what it’s like to be ripped from a child, she would have some insight into Willow’s feelings. There are some fans who believe Willow is the daughter Nina was deprived of knowing, which lends itself to a possible thaw in their contentious relationship thus leading to the potential realization they are related.

Then again, we can’t rule out her husband of convenience, Michael. They both fear for Wiley’s safety so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they turn to each other in their time of need. Perhaps this is what leads them to realize they actually have feelings for each other.

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