Holly Duke return collage
Credit: Images: Howard Wise/JPI; Jill Johnson/JPI

We’ve got the story that would turn Port Charles upside-down! 

Okay, who thinks General Hospital‘s Holly is really, most sincerely dead? Anyone? Bueller? Of course not… it was a rhetorical question. It’s simply impossible to believe that the soap would have one of its most beloved characters die in some off-screen accident. The moment Robert heard the news, he scoffed almost as loudly as did viewers.

Which means it’s only a matter of time before Holly rises from her premature grave and, unless we miss our guess, makes her way back to Port Charles! As is our wont, we’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about Holly’s resurrection and how it could have the biggest impact. After all, what’s the point of bringing someone back from the dead if it’s not going to leave the audience gasping, right?

And then, it hit us: We’re all expecting Holly’s return. It’s practically a given at this point. But what if she rolled into town on Anna and Finn’s wedding day… with Duke as her plus-one!

Go ahead. Take a minute to process that. Because it’s a lot, and we’re about to add another layer by suggesting that bride Anna might get yet another shock when it turns out that both her beloved ex-husband and her longtime frenemy had been being held, in a roundabout way, by Peter.

Finn confronts Anna and Peter on General Hospital

You’ll recall that Peter had ordered his henchman to “distract” Robert just before reports surfaced of Holly’s death. When confronted, the lackey insisted that he hadn’t killed the British beauty, implying that somehow fate had conveniently stepped in to sidetrack Robert. But what if the hired baddie was only telling his boss part of the story? Perhaps sensing that Holly would be more valuable alive than dead, the guy could have faked her demise and then stashed her away in much the same way that Peter kept Jason on ice as Patient 6. And while hidden away from the world, Holly could have stumbled upon the fact that Duke, too, was alive and well and being held against his will!

Hey, it could happen!

Frankly, we’re pretty sure that no matter what logic-defying machinations were used to bring Holly and Duke back to the canvas, fans would be willing to suspend a whole lot of disbelief. After all, when we recently ran a story asking which former General Hospital characters people wanted back, the Twitterverse practically screamed in unison, “Holly Sutton!” (We suspect they would have been just as feverishly in favor of a Duke Lavery return had we included him on the list!)

By simply walking in as Finn and Anna were about to say “I do,” Holly and Duke would turn several lives upside-down. Peter’s wicked ways could finally be revealed, Anna would find herself drawn back into the arms of her true love, Finn might be motivated to at last search for Violet’s MIA mom Hayden, and Robert would have a reason to smile again. (Heck, Ned might be almost as happy about Holly’s return as viewers if it kept his wife from continuing to bond with the Aussie spy!)

Now that we’ve filled your head with thoughts of Holly and Duke returning, hit the comments to let the world know just how supportive of this idea you really are! Then peruse the previously-mentioned gallery below to see what other characters we firmly believe should swing back through Port Charles in the near future.