Ryan Paevey theft General Hospital
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

The theft not only created animosity toward wanting to stay at the hotel again.

General Hospital alum, Ryan Paevey (Nathan West) expressed his anger and disappointment on a Twitter post today after he realized that someone had stolen his belongings from his room when he stayed at The Sutton Place Hotel.

The actor, who is generally mild-mannered, ranted. “If you’re thinking of staying at the @SuttonPlaceHtl ….do yourself a favor, and don’t. Take my word for it. They’ve lost me for life.”

Fans flocked to comfort the disenchanted actor and he opened up to them, revealing details about what the thieves took which included thousands of dollars worth of his personal possessions. Stolen from his room included “watches, jackets, jewelry I’d made, etc.” He told fans that the “official response was basically ‘it’s not our problem, here’s some white wine with a napkin around its neck’.”

Later on, Paevey explained further that he heard back again from the hotel. More official response? It wasn’t something he wanted to hear. “There’s a safe, beyond that we don’t care…” The actor admitted they only gave him cheap wine and a new room to try to make up for the loss.

It’s possible that some of the jewelry that was stolen was part of Paevey’s side hustle, which is creating gorgeous handmade jewelry. Paevey founded the company, Fortunate Wanderer originally after many wanted to own prints from his photography, and he turned it into an online jewelry store where he sells rings, pendants, bangles, and bracelets.

A week ago, Paevey was in Vancouver, British Columbia, being quarantined before he starts filming a new movie. He wrote an Instagram post saying, “Vancity quarantine, day 14….hey look what we made.” The photo was a beautiful pendant, and when a fan asked where to purchase older collections, he admitted they were all sold out.

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