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Sam’s new outlook could spell trouble for her and Jason. 

Sam’s initial impression of Brando wasn’t a good one. First, he unknowingly bashed her sister Kristina for being in a cult, then Sam found out he slept with her other sister Molly. To top it all off, Sam accused the mechanic of tampering with Jason’s bike thereby causing his crash. All Brando seems to want to do is run his bike shop and live a simple life, but Sam is constantly questioning his motives. Something might change her mind about him though, as, per the spoilers released by the ABC soap, in a scene that was either cut on Friday or moved to another day, Sam sees a softer side to Brando.

Jason and Sam are very much in love and finally free to be together, so we don’t actually think a hunky mechanic is going to lead Sam astray. However, Sam did give Valentin her children’s ELQ stock proxy which had immediate ramifications for Jason’s family. While it may not be affecting them as a couple just yet, that could all change. Therefore, Sam seeking comfort from someone she’s been growing close to – Brando – might not be far behind.

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There’s also the possibility that Brando is working with Cyrus and did in fact tamper with Jason’s bike. Considering he kept Cyrus’ visit to his shop a secret from Sonny, we have to wonder if Brando has ulterior motives for being in Port Charles. If that’s the case, he could be trying to warm up to Sam in order to sabotage Sonny and Jason’s organization.

It could also just be nothing and the moment softens Sam’s stance on Molly’s one night stand, further paving the way for a love triangle between Brando, Molly, and TJ. But, since Monday’s General Hospital sees Jason not wanting to jump to conclusions, we’re wondering if he sees Sam with Brando in a compromising situation. If so, our first assumption could be correct and Brando will be the root of JaSam’s next relationship trouble.

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