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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

“This is real, people,” the Emmy winner warns.

Sometimes real life is far more harrowing than even our soaps; those days suck — and we suspect that Kimberly McCullough would agree. “So,” she tweeted on August 19, “me and my family drove back from Cambria today. We were supposed to go to Big Sur, but I had nightmares that kept me up all night, and I made the call to not go to Big Sur and lose a lot of money I spent on a rad hotel for us.”

Good call, it turned out. And also bad news. “I woke up this morning to learn that Big Sur is on fire, and highway 1 is closed,” explained the Emmy winner, who’s played Robin on General Hospital off and on since she was 7 years old. “Driving back through apocalyptic smoke was hard — especially because our 3-year-old son was confused as to why we couldn’t stop or roll the window down.”

As fires raged across Northern California, the actress-turned-director hoped that people would take what was happening seriously. “This is real, people,” she wrote. “My nerves are shot, and I keep thinking about all of the animals who may not be able to make it out safely.

“Please think good thoughts for the people in the area,” she added, “and have a ‘go bag’ if you live in California. Much love to you Cali — it’s hard to see you like this.”

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