Real Andrews exits as Taggert on General Hospital
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

It wouldn’t be a soap opera without a back from the dead storyline.

Fans got an eyeful when watching today’s General Hospital. As we all expected, Marcus Taggert did not die after supposedly being shot by one of Cyrus Renault’s men on February 28 – he faked his death with the help of some of his friends at the Port Charles Police Department – and Real Andrews has returned to GH.

For those who didn’t watch the Tuesday August 18 and Wednesday August 19 episodes, Jordan Ashford, who had been suspected of being in touch with Taggert back in March during a call on a burner phone, received a call before the Nurses Ball from an unknown number. Though she warned Curtis not to answer it, he didn’t listen but no one was on the other end. Jordan went on to attend the ball, where another call came in, and she made a quick getaway, claiming there was an emergency and she had to return to work. Jordan headed to the pier and thought back on that phone call in March and how she’d thrown Taggert and her former DEA collogues who were killed by Cyrus’ men under the bus by claiming they had framed Renault. Back to her present state of mind, Taggert turned up on the pier –very much alive – and was chastised by Jordan for risking his life by returning to Port Charles – not to mention his return would implicate her for lying and get him arrested.

Taggert’s return could be a major mistake on a few levels, one being that Jordan could lose her job as the Port Charles Commissioner or worse, her life by the hands of Cyrus for trying to double-cross him. Or maybe his return is exactly what everyone needs in order to put the final nail in Cyrus’ coffin and end his reign of terror once and for all.

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