gh returns
Credit: Images: Jill Johnson/JPI, ABC (2), CBS, CMT

Where’s the welcome mat? We’re hoping that it’s gonna see some traffic!

There are those who say that General Hospital has a crowded canvas — and it does. Port Charles is apparently so populous a city that we can go weeks without the story circling back to some of our favorites. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a choice few characters for whom we think the ABC daytime drama should always make room.

As a matter of fact, the time is especially right for some of these displaced locals to come home. Among them are an old flame of Sonny’s who never fails to get Carly fired up, a dashing WSB agent who once convinced us that he was “All I Need,” a former General Hospital staffer with whom anyone would want to play doctor, and a scheme queen who has arguably the best nickname in soap history.

Were they — or, really, anyone on this list — to make tracks back to town, the storyline possibilities would be as endless as Sonny’s rap sheet. They could remind their relatives that they still have a branch on the ol’ family tree, make their exes say “Oh!” and capitalize on roots planted in Port Charles by a forebear — in one case, all the way back in 1963!

Wanna see who we have in mind? All you have to do is click on the photo gallery below. Check out our ideas, then hit the comments with the characters that you really want to see back on General Hospital!