Nelle gets bad news
Credit: Image: ABC screenshot

The annual ball is back and filled with unforgettable performances.

In the General Hospital spoiler video for August 17 – 21, The Nurses Ball is on this week, and it’s the most unpredictable one to date. Maxie, Robert, Mac, Anna, Lucy, Sonny and Epiphany assemble in their Nurses Ball 2020 t-shirts, while Ava asks her brother Julian where his poisonous bride Nelle is. Prepare to be shocked!

After last week, Lucy should be thankful anyone turned up for the ball this year. At an ELQ shareholder meeting among the Quartermaines to vote on whether to bail out General Hospital, Valentin Cassidine revealed he had bought up and negotiated control of fifty percent of ELQ shares, which split the vote evenly between him and the Quartermaines. Lucy holds a one percent share, given to her by Alan Quartermaine, to be used in the event of a tie. In order to save Deception, which Valentin is funding, she voted with him not to bail out the hospital, but also to install him as the new CEO of ELQ. Meanwhile, Michael and Willow won custody of Wiley, leaving Nelle stunned. However, she hid a GPS tracking device in Wiley’s stuffed kangaroo and has fake passports for them to flee the country. She may use the distraction of The Nurses Ball this week to take off with Wiley.

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook