STeve Burton 50 Birthday GH
Credit: Image: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

One simple twist could change Port Charles forever!

When General Hospital’s Jason slipped into a coma following his terrifying motorcycle accident, loved ones gathered around his bedside, praying for his survival. Relatively sure that portrayer Steve Burton wasn’t leaving the canvas — although that would have made for a heck of a shocker! — we hoped for something slightly different: That when Jason opened his baby blues, he’d be seeing through the eyes of Jason Quartermaine. This didn’t come to pass, but we can’t help thinking it’s a twist the soap should seriously consider!

Longtime fans will remember a time when Sonny’s right-hand man was more interested in saving lives than taking them. Jason was all set to follow in the footsteps of dad Alan and stepmom Monica by responding to pages for Dr. Quartermaine. But that all changed in 1995, when a car accident had Jason trading a white lab coat for black T-shirts as he went from warm-hearted preppy to Sonny’s stone-cold hitman. 

In the years since, Jason has faced numerous life-threatening situations, more than one of which has left him comatose. And each time, we’ve wondered if maybe, just maybe, he might wake up a changed (back) man. In our heart of hearts, we sort of want a storyline in which the writers — brace yourself — kill off Jason Morgan.

It’s not that we don’t love the guy, because we most certainly do. However, imagine the storyline possibilities if following this latest accident, he’d awakened as Jason Quartermaine… but with all of his memories intact from his time as Jason Morgan. How horrifying would it be for the man who’d once dedicated himself to saving lives to realize he’d spend the past two decades taking them?

Not only would this development take a huge emotional toll on Jason (and give Burton incredible material to play) , but the story would ripple outwards, touching all of the people in his life. It’s easy to imagine this “new” version of Jason trying to convince gal pal Carly that she should walk away from Sonny and everything he represents. And how devastated would the Teflon don be to have the man he loves like a brother suddenly view him as a… well, as a criminal?

Then there are the women in his life. Would Elizabeth be newly drawn to a Jason whose lifestyle not only no longer put her and the children in danger but had them working side by side at the hospital? How would Sam react to Jason 1.0, a man whom she never knew, having come to town years after his life-changing accident? Might we finally get the full-blown Liz/Jason/Sam triangle we’ve been hoping to see play out for years? (Sorry, Franco… but we’ve always dug your chemistry with Ava!)

While you wrap your brain around the possibility of Jason pulling a Freaky Friday with himself, why not peruse the below gallery to imagine a world in which Sam finds herself drawn to a guy other than her current beau? Hard to picture? Maybe… yet we were able to think of five different guys who could help her forget Jason!