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Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

It’s been a difficult six months for Emma Samms, to say the least.

We’re all having rather a hard time these days. But Emma Samms has been having it harder than most of us. The actress, beloved for her work as Holly Sutton on General Hospital, tested positive in March for you-know-what. Though she managed to avoid hospitalization, she still hasn’t recovered, not completely.

Samms’ chief symptom now is exhaustion. In an interview with The Times, she explained that even simple, untaxing activities like making a phone call or doing a bit of gardening can wear her out. “This panic-inducing level of fatigue,” she said, “has been less startling and immensely compromising.

“And it fluctuates,” she added. “I improve slightly, have a couple of good days and assume I am on the road to recovery, only to go right back to feeling horrendous.”

Only a couple of years ago, Samms, once an Aaron Spelling muse who starred on Dynasty, its spinoff and Models Inc., was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, a form of temporary facial paralysis. What that meant, she explained via social media, was that “I have a wonky smile, am in slight danger of dribbling a cup of tea and can’t close my eye.

“Not the end of the world,” she continued, her spirit clearly anything but broken. “Trying to style it out with the eyepatch.”

Needless to say, we wish her a full and speedy recovery. Well, “full,” anyway; seems like it’s too late already for “speedy.” Before you go, maybe you’d like to peruse the below photo gallery of daytime’s most devastating exits ever.