Jason is on the side of the road General Hospital
Credit: Image: ABC screenshot

Cyrus receives a pointed warning.

In the General Hospital spoiler preview for the week of August 10 – 14, it’s all-new episodes and one explosive week as Curtis, who recently confronted Jordan about her strange behavior, puts Cyrus on notice that justice is about to be served, Brando denies accusations of messing with Jason’s motorcycle following his wreck after leaving his body shop, which saw Jason wind up unconscious on the side of the road and facing brain death in the hospital. Also, Ned reacts angrily to a smug Valentin, who was last seen celebrating over drinks with Ned’s daughter, Brook Lynn, and orders him to get out.

Meanwhile, after Sonny’s chat with Brando about the tough choices he’s had to make for his father, who is almost unable to feed himself at this point, Mike tells Sonny that he’s ready to go. At the courthouse, Nelle and Michael each wait with bated breath on opposing sides of the courtroom as the judge announces he has reached a decision on the custody of Wylie.

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