Who broke Eden McCoy's Heart
Credit: Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC

But she meant it as a compliment — really!

The first thing you have to know about General Hospital’s Eden McCoy (Josslyn) is that she’s a pretty tough cookie. Anybody doubting this need only to watch the athletic beauty spike a volleyball to know she is not one to be toyed with! The other thing you should know is that she is a total team player, both with regard to playing sports and cheering on her castmates.

So it should come as no surprise that following a particularly moving performance by Maurice Benard (Sonny), Max Gail (Mike) and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), McCoy joined the choir of fans praising their work. “I watched,” she tweeted to her TV stepdad, “and OMG, you, Becky and Max just killed as always. I completely forget I know you [in real life]. You’re Sonny, Liz and Mike, and you broke my heart!”

The scenes in question took center stage during the episode that aired on Wednesday, Aug. 5, in which Sonny struggled with whether to have his rapidly deteriorating father kept alive via a feeding tube. In a powerful yet quiet moment, he sought the advice of Elizabeth, reminding her that she wasn’t just a nurse but “a trusted friend.”

Though clearly reluctant to influence Sonny’s decision, Liz eventually spoke from the heart. “When I saw your dad just now, all I saw was a shell of a man,” she admitted. “There’s no spark left inside. He can’t feed himself. He can’t enjoy his food. He can’t even smile. He won’t go to another baseball game or enjoy his grandchildren or his son. What kind of life is that?”

General hospital liz advises sonny

Sonny sat, clearly taking in every word. And then, she said what he knew to be true in his heart. “Even with a feeding tube, your dad is going to die.”

So much of acting is about reacting, and throughout these scenes, Benard used the most subtle of facial expressions to register that each word spoken by Elizabeth was like a blow to the wall he’d carefully constructed in an attempt to keep reality at bay.

“I think you know what your dad would want,” she concluded quietly. “But you’re feeling guilty, as if you’re not doing everything you can to keep him alive. But this isn’t about you. It’s about Mike.”

By the time Carly and Jason arrived at the hospital, determined to prevent Sonny from forcing a feeding tube on his father, he’d already come to the same conclusion. “I needed to figure this out for myself,” he said before glancing to where Elizabeth stood and adding, “with a little help from my friend.”

In response to a fan commenting on the power of the scenes, Benard gave full credit to Elizabeth’s portrayer. “When I did the scene I knew [Rebecca] was good,” he tweeted. “But when I watched it on TV, I said, ‘Wow kicking butt!’”

As worried as we may be about Sonny and his ability to emotional deally with what’s to come, we know that he’s faced many challenges over the past few decades, and heck, he’s still standing. For a reminder of just how tough he’s had it, peruse the photo gallery below!