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Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

A certain redhead could tear apart the newlyweds before they’ve even celebrated their first anniversary!

As soaps around the dial implement new safety precautions to protect the health of their casts and crews, one measure that’s being undertaken, and to great effect, is having the significant other of a star stand in for their leading man/lady during intimate scenes. But what if the significant other in question was an actor, too — and a firecracker of a performer to boot? Wouldn’t it just make sense for the powers that be to hire that individual as a new love interest for the cast member who’s already in place?

You don’t have to answer that question; we know very well that it makes sense — total sense, even. Which is why we think that soon, into the life of General Hospital newlywed Michael Corinthos, there’s going to come a feisty redhead, played by none other than Chad Duell’s off-screen sweetheart, Courtney Hope.

Maybe you’ve heard: She kicks butt in front of the camera. Maybe you also heard: She only recently wrapped “a monumental journey” as The Bold and the Beautiful schemer Sally. In other words, the scene stealer is available!

So imagine how much more complicated Michael’s life would get if, in addition to pining for ex-girlfriend Sasha, he was distracted by the proximity of Hope’s character, perhaps an unusually attractive nanny for baby Wiley or simply a sympathetic ear throwing back brewskis at the Floating Rib. Neither he nor bride Willow would know what hit them!

Courtney Hope, Chad Duell

Viewers, on the other hand, would. And they’d relish it, much the way fans of The Young and the Restless delight in the on- and off-screen romance of Bryton James (Devon) and Brytni Sarpy (Elena; coincidentally the original Valerie on General Hospital). If it works, the sudser could then branch out, perhaps allowing Carly’s loathing of Peter to turn into curiosity — and then more? — thus paving the way for real-life loves Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey to be paired on screen.

But we digress. Back to the point at hand: Could you see Hope joining the General Hospital cast as a new love interest for Michael? Stranger things have happened, as evidenced by the below photo gallery, a roundup of real-life couples that, odds are, you won’t believe we’re ever couples.