Steve Burton, Maurice Benard General Hospital jj
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Stone Cold’s “accident” was just a means to an end — his bestie’s end, specifically!

While General Hospital fans wrung their hands over the “accident” that still could send Jason to that big black T-shirt sale in the hereafter, the nefarious Cyrus couldn’t contain his glee. Not that he tried. “The demise of Jason Morgan and the loss of Sonny’s human fire wall?” he all but cackled. “That indeed is cause for celebration.”

But this party would be a minor one compared to the main event that the mobster envisioned down the road. Cyrus wasn’t looking to take out police commissioner Jordan, he explained. I have bigger targets in mind. With Jason out of the way, there’s nothing left between Sonny and a bullet between his eyes.” 

Wait, Sonny?!? The Teflon don?!? Nothing sticks to him! He deflects gunfire as if he was Wonder Woman (without the snazzy bracelets, even)! He’s unstoppable, the rare “good” career criminal! And yet… what if this whole storyline was leading to the made man being… well, unmade?

It would be a hell of a switcheroo, and one that would also explain the return to Port Charles of Vanessa Marcil as Brenda, Sonny’s old flame and (many a viewer would argue) true love. However, Benard has seemed awfully happy at General Hospital. In fact, as the ABC soap went back into production, the Emmy winner Instagrammed, “You ready for more Sonny? We can’t wait to go back and give you guys a better and more exciting General Hospital.”

Certainly doesn’t sound like an actor who’s thinking of calling it a day, does it? While you contemplate the dire possibilities, maybe you’d also like to keep your spirits high by reviewing the below photo gallery, a roundup of the challenges Sonny’s faced in the past — and, thankfully, overcome.