Vanessa Marcil, Steve Burton"General Hospital" hw
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

The collision of two possible stories just switched our worry to panic.

Please don’t let us be right. Last week, we added one (General Hospital’s Jason taking a sudden interest in who’d make end-of-life decisions on his behalf) and one (his subsequent motorcycle wreck) and came up with two (holy crap! They’re killing him off!). Then, we did some more thinking — never a good idea — and our fears got 10 times worse.

You’ll recall that when a delightful fan informed Vanessa Marcil on Twitter that she was glad that Brenda was gone, the actress responded, “I’ve got some bad news for ya.” Translation (if only in our minds): “I’m totally coming back.”

A couple of key points here. One, were Brenda to return to Port Charles, there would have to be a good reason. Certainly, the death of her high-school classmate and onetime husband of convenience would qualify. (And in spite of herself, you know Brenda would want to be there for Jason’s grieving BFF, her ex Sonny.)

Two, stars of Marcil’s caliber don’t come cheap. So to re-add her to the cast, some budget would have to be freed up. Should Burton exit the show, whether for storyline purposes or because he decided he wanted to move his family back to Tennessee, that would certainly do the trick.

What do you think? Is the stage being set for Marcil to return and Burton to leave? Or is our math wrong? We couldn’t have been the only ones who gasped — possibly aloud; we’ll never tell — when “brain death” was mentioned in Jason’s case. (Hasn’t his noggin been through enough?!?) Hit the comments with your theories, and while you’re here, perhaps ponder the men with whom Sam could move on, were Stone Cold to be rendered… well, stone cold.