vanessa marcil returning general hospital brenda
Credit: Hallmark Channel

The Daytime Emmy winner teased on Twitter that she may soon be home in Port Charles.

When a fan of General Hospital and Maurice Benard (Sonny) took to Twitter to ensure that Vanessa Marcil knew that she loved him but never much cared for Brenda — in fact, “I was glad to see her go,” the poster noted — the actress’ response was short, sweet… and hopefully telling!

“I’ve got some bad news for ya,” Marcil replied, adding a blushing emoji. The implication, obviously, was that she would soon be reprising the role that she’s played off and on since 1992 — the role in which everyone loves her except, apparently, for this viewer.

Chiming in, Benard came to his longtime leading lady’s defense. “Why wouldn’t you like Vanessa?” he tweeted before adding, tongue in cheek, “Of course [she] can’t compare to me, but she’s pretty good, and she’s kind of nice, too.”

Immediately, GH-ers — well, except for the one who said she was “never a fan of Brenda” — went wild. “Brenda needs to come home and get her son, Alec, back in line,” suggested one. “That’s got to be Dev!” (You have to admit — see photo below — there’s more than a passing resemblance between Marcil and Ashton Arbab, who plays Brando’s “son.”)

vanessa marcil returning general hospital brenda

What do you think? Would you like to see Marcil bring Brenda back to Port Charles? Sound off in the comments below, and while you’re here, if you haven’t seen the image with which she set the internet aflame, you need to. You might also like to check out our list of women with whom Jason could move on from Sam. There might just be someone in there whose name rhymes with Splenda!