STeve Burton 50 Birthday GH
Credit: Image: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

Evidence is mounting that Stone Cold may be bound for the morgue!

You would think that by now, we wouldn’t worry about General Hospital hit man Jason Morgan. He’s been shot so often that he’s practically porous. He’s been hospitalized so often that friends look for him in the ER before they do his penthouse. And the guy has literally come back from “the dead.” Clearly, somebody up there is looking out for him. (Thanks, Lila.)

Yet we’re still concerned. Why, all of a sudden, is Jason worried about who’s going to make end-of-life decisions for him? It could be, as we’ve speculated before, just a gambit to drive a wedge between him and Sam, thus freeing them up for new relationships. (We’ve had lots of ideas about with whom those could be.)

Or it could be something more troubling — like foreshadowing of a death from which Stone Cold can’t be reheated. Spoilers for next week’s episodes indicate that Sam gets good news followed by terrible news. (Maybe she forgot to ask for the bad news first; rookie mistake.) What could be so terrible but that her one and only has become, in essence, roadkill?

Moreover, there is a certain full-circle quality to the idea that Jason might go out the same way that he came in — via an accident. Longtime viewers will recall that, before he was collateral damage in a crash caused by soused half brother A.J., Jason was a squeaky-clean future doctor. Afterwards, he was reborn, in a sense, as a black-T-shirt-loving Mafia enforcer.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Would the show kill off Jason again? Could they? And how would you react? While you ponder what to comment, you might also enjoy the below photo gallery of guys with whom Sam could move on from her honey. And by “enjoy,” yes, we mean “be appalled by,” because that’s fun, too.