Dominic Zamprogna, Emme Rylan General Hospital lulu dante xj
Credit: Image: XJ Johnson/JPI

Who was that masked man? Well, it wasn’t the Lone Ranger, that’s for sure!

After a year away from General Hospital, Dominic Zamprogna celebrated his return to the ABC soap by posting a revealing behind-the-scenes photo from the set. In it, he’s seen intently taking notes in the cell that poor Dante Falconeri now calls home — while his portrayer takes care to safeguard the health of his colleagues.

“Back at it,” he captioned the shot. “Thanks for the warm welcome.”

As General Hospital fans are well aware, Zamprogna began his return engagement as Dante with Monday’s episode, the first new one to air since production was shut down this past spring. “I miss you, Mom,” wrote Olivia’s son. “I miss my life. But it’s more important to keep you all safe from me. That’s why I’ll never send this letter.” Instead, he just stuffed it under his mattress, a comforter fit only for a tortured soul. (You can rewatch the scene below.)

When Zamprogna’s beleaguered alter ego does finally make his way back to Port Charles — and let’s be real, all roads do lead there — he’ll find Port Charles considerably different from the town that he left behind. For one thing, Lulu — you know, the devoted wife that he pushed away for her own protection — has moved on with the schoolteacher that the Internet has dubbed “Hot Dustin.” Already, Mark Lawson, who plays Dante’s would-be rival, has been gearing up for a showdown. (See below.)

What are you hoping for from Dante’s comeback? A reunion with Lulu? Something new? Hit the comments with your suggestions. Say, maybe he’d be a good new man for Sam? We’ve already picked out a few women with whom Stone Cold could get red-hot; you can find our suggestions in the photo gallery below.