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Image: Brian Lowe/JPI

“I felt safe… and, more importantly, that my being there was safe for others.”

After Nancy Lee Grahn reported back to work at General Hospital for the first time in months, she took to Twitter to share not only her experience but her gratitude and amazement. “The uncompromising detail and apparent hard work of all involved have my deepest respect,” wrote the Daytime Emmy winner, who’s played Alexis since 1996. “I felt safe, protected and, more importantly, that my being there was safe for others.”

Grahn was well aware of what an undertaking it must have been to plan and implement such a massive production overhaul. “Organizing this took epic care,” she observed, “and I applaud all involved.”

Previously, General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini had shared that, as much as “we have missed our fans… in returning to work, it was important to take every precaution in order to create a safe and smooth transition back to production.”

To that end, he continued, “in addition to regular testing and distancing measures — we have hired a dedicated Health & Safety Manager to be on set to supervise all health and safety protocols and answer any questions as they arise. It’s important that every member of the cast and crew feel safe and confident.”

Valentini had nailed it, as far as Laura Wright (Carly) was concerned. “Frank and ABC have been taking the utmost care in making sure we have had a safe environment to return to,” she said. “We are all being regularly tested and are continuing to do our part on and off set — being mindful to practice proper distancing and, most importantly, wear our [face coverings] when we’re not filming. It’s good to be back.”

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