Genie Francis (Hallmark Channel)

Genie Francis (Laura, GH) has recorded a Holiday CD with her brothers, Ivor and Kenneth, called “It’s Christmas Time Again.”

A portion of the sales from the CD, containing songs that reflect the sounds and groups the Francis siblings enjoyed while growing up, such as The Carpenters, Andy Williams and the Partridge Family, will go to the Children’s Mission in Cuernavaca, Mexico, founded by their relative, Sister Margaret Slowick.

I recently spoke with Genie about her new project, and of course, General Hospital. How did your Christmas CD come about?

Genie Francis: It was a very interesting thing. I just wanted to sing with my brothers and we all got together just for fun basically and we were singing some Beatles tunes, because my brothers both have a Beatlemania history and we harmonize well, and my younger brother said, ‘I know, let’s make a Christmas album.’ Almost right after that I heard from Sister Margaret and she had wanted to get my help with her mission for the children of Cuernavaca. She had sent me a letter after having seen the movie I did called “The Note” and she wanted to ask for my help. I had been looking for something like that, some place to do charity work so it all just kind of came together. How did you enjoy collaborating with your brothers?

Genie Francis: I loved it. It was great. It was really neat because we all got to know each other as adults in a way that we hadn’t before. We had pretty much a childhood relationship only and this kind of forged a new adult relationship for us. Have you done much singing in the past?

Genie Francis: No. I did a lot of singing as a little kid, a lot of lessons and glee clubs, and that sort of thing, but my acting thing started so early and took off and I just went with that so I never really worked on that other part of myself again. I think there was once I sang on General Hospital where I was supposed to sing a lullaby to the baby, but that’s the only time I ever sang out in the world. (laughs) Were you nervous about this then?

Genie Francis: Yeah, definitely I was nervous about it, but it was a fun thing to do. It’s a pretty secure safe place to do it in an environment where you’re with your family, and you’re in a recording situation where you can do it again if you screw up, so there was a lot of things that made it feel very safe. Do you have a favorite holiday song?

Genie Francis: I guess I’m pretty partial to “Silent Night” because I like midnight mass so much, but on this album, there’s a lot of really good ones. I think “Away in a Manger” is one of my favorites on this and “Holy Night.” Some of the proceeds of the CD’s sales are going to the Children’s Mission in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Genie Francis: All of my proceeds are going to the Children’s Mission. All of it. Every penny, so I’m doing this philanthropically. There is no money in this for me. What can you tell us about the Children’s Mission?

Genie Francis: This is a place where some children are orphaned and some have parents that are just incredibly impoverished and they can’t afford to send their kids to school. Often the kids get sent off to work at ages as early as five and six years old instead of going to school, so what this does is, it enables the families to be able to put their kids in school. And the CD will be available on November 1?

Genie Francis: November 1 it will be available on Amazon if you want to buy the physical CD, which is kind of fun because it’s got some pictures on the inside that have never been seen before, pictures of me and my brothers growing up at Christmas time. So it’s got all these childhood pictures in there that are kind of cute. The record itself has an extremely retro feel to it so we tried to make it the kind of Christmas music we would have listened to when we were little. Will the CD only be available online or will it also be in stores?