general hospital maurice benard americas got talent
Credit: Image: Chris D/JPI

The General Hospital tough guy is a real softy at heart.

In a new episode of 7 Questions With Steve and Bradford — Steve and Bradford, of course, being Burton and Anderson, the comedy tag team that plays General Hospital’s Jason and Spinelli — Maurice Benard (Sonny) held nothing back. When asked what TV show or movie had last reduced him to tears, he admitted, “I cry a lot.”

OK, but what had made him cry most recently? That would be “90 Day Fiancé,” replied the Emmy winner before admitting. “That was a joke, but I do watch that.” What actually made the actor misty-eyed was America’s Got Talent; its human-interest stories never fail to tug at his heartstrings.

Elsewhere in the rapid-fire Q&A session, Benard shared the identity of the General Hospital nemesis that he felt had been the worthiest opponent for the Teflon don. “Even though in my book [Nothing General About It: How Love (and Lithium) Saved Me On and Off General Hospital] it’s a little different, I’d say Alcazar.” Though Benard doesn’t clarify whether he meant Luis or Lorenzo Alcazar, it’s probably a safe bet that he was talking about the latter; Lorenzo was the twin by whom Sonny felt so threatened that he shot the guy — in so doing, accidentally putting a bullet in Carly’s head. As she was giving birth to their son, Morgan.

To watch the whole free-wheeling interview, press PLAY on the video above. When you’re done, why not stroll down Memory Lane with a review of the greatest challenges Sonny has faced over the years?