general-hospital-new episode airdate spoilers
Credit: Image: ABC

It’s just a little more than a week away!

More than two months since airing its last original episode, General Hospital will be all-new again starting Monday, August 3, according to our sister site TVLine. And we can even tell you what will be happening when the show picks up where it left off. Read on for spoilers galore – we’ve added just a few from our spoiler section. For the rest of the teasers, head over to General Hospital spoilers August 3 – 7!

Monday, August 3

While Nelle finds herself shaken, Jax is impressed with Nina’s strength.

Tuesday, August 4

Nelle is confrontational. Hey, where Nelle’s concerned, couldn’t that be almost any day ever?

Wednesday, August 5

Willow and Michael grow closer, and Nelle doesn’t ask or plead, she demands to see Wiley. Good luck with that!

Thursday, August 6

Sam and Carly bond over a common struggle, Curtis runs into Chase, and Cyrus takes a meeting with Brando. Wonder if he’ll make an offer the younger man can’t refuse!

Friday, August 7

Off his conversation with Cyrus, Brando spends some time with Sonny. (Basically, he’s going through Who’s Who in the Port Charles Underworld, it seems.)

While you begin counting down in earnest to the return of General Hospital, perhaps you might enjoy reminding yourself just how gorgeous the cast is by scrolling through the photo gallery below.