general hospital kin shriner investigates real life mystery
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Scotty’s portrayer calls two suspects on the carpet. Literally.

Apparently, Kin Shriner‘s decades of cross-examining witnesses as General Hospital legal eagle Scotty Baldwin come in handy in real life, too. As the actor posted on Instagram Friday, he recently found himself embroiled in a real-life mystery, one that called for him to question two individuals who are near and dear to him.

“Somebody peed on the floor,” he explained at the top of the video. “And there was a fight.”

No details were provided about the fracas to which Shriner alluded, but that was OK. The tension in the room was so thick, you could’ve cut it with an especially jagged Milk-Bone. When the drama picked up, the TV attorney moved on to his prime suspects.

“I don’t think it was Tula,” he said, eyeing one of his two dogs with girlfriend Trish Ramish. “I don’t.”

So, who was it then? “I think it was you, Coco,” he said to his other dog. Dun-dun-dunnn! “So I’m gonna ask you, Coco… was it you that peed on the floor? Well?”

Crickets. If Tula was the guilty party, Coco clearly had heard what happened to snitches. If it wasn’t Tula, Coco wasn’t about to incriminate herself. Shriner was stymied, utterly stymied. The potential perps had brought the investigation to a standstill by doing nothing but standing still and keeping their yaps shut.

“Nobody’s talking here,” Shriner noted. “Nobody’s fessing up.”

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