sarah brown general hospital father lung cancer video
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

“He constantly tells me getting old ain’t for sissies.”

In a Studio City Aftershow interview posted Thursday, soap-hopper Sarah Brown revealed not only how her father was diagnosed with lung cancer but how he was doing now. Turns out, a couple of years ago, he’d picked up a buddha statue at her house — in so doing, throwing out his back. “He thinks he’s 20,” she laughed, “and he’s not! He’s 72 now.”

Afterwards, “he walked like a question mark for about four or five months,” all bent over, she continued. Then finally, he got an MRI that led to the discovery of his lung cancer. “I had been struggling with that for a long time. I thought it was really strange karma that my dad would injure himself so badly picking up a buddha.”

In the end, however, Brown, General Hospital’s original Carly and only Claudia, managed to see the silver lining in the dark cloud. The incident “actually saved his life,” she noted. “The great thing about corners is you never know what’s right on the other side.”

Historically, Brown’s father has been the epitome of a man’s man. Though also “very soft and cuddly… [he’s] a very masculine type of personality,” the Emmy winner said. “He is the image of the Marlboro man in a lot of ways.”

So it’s been a challenge for her to bear witness to the changes brought on by his illness. “It’s really hard to see him as frail as he is right now,” she admitted. “His muscles have all atrophied. He can’t walk five or six steps without running out of breath.

“His entire body is fully healthy,” she concluded, “except for his lungs, and they’re shot.”

Via the link above, you can watch the whole interview with Brown, who you’ll also remember as Aggie on The Bold and the Beautiful and Madison on Days of our Lives. In the Q&A, she discusses with host James Lott Jr. her new role of Laurie on Studio City, the Amazon Prime soap from her former General Hospital co-star Sean Kanan (ex-A.J.). While you’re here, you might also enjoy the below photo gallery of General Hospital stars and their real-life loves.