GH Rundown for the week of October 12!

Luke’s return to Port Charles was pretty weak. He’s been held for months by Helena but gets to leave just like that? Why exactly was she holding him prisoner? Why did the guards suddenly just let everyone leave? Why was it necessary for Nikolas to go to Greece? So many question, too few answers.

Jason and Sam getting arrested was pretty much just filler. There was no reason for it, but the biggest problem with them being at the motel was: Would anything of Ian’s things still be in a room he used a year or more ago? That’s pretty ridiculous to expect us to believe a piece of paper that Ian wrote on would still be there. They should have Jason and Sam find clues in a safe deposit box or something a little more believable.

Instead of arresting Jason and Sam, why couldn’t we have seen more of Patrick and Robin? All we got of them was Monday when Robin had to explain her crazy getup to Louise and her shocked husband. I thought it was odd that Robin looked concerned regarding her husband’s past (I assume) before she left to drive Louise home, but when she came back everything was happy, happy and then they never went back to it. I would have liked a little more detail regarding her doubts or fears, or Patrick questioning her about why she felt the need to dress up for him.

Carly going into labor was pretty comical with Johnny and Coleman coming to her aid and then sticking with her at the hospital. It was sweet that Carly truly appreciated their bumbling attempt at being supportive and they made a really good comedic team.

I’m so happy Dante figured out what Claudia was up to and didn’t fall prey to her seduction or threats. I wonder if things would be different if Sarah Brown wasn’t leaving the role of Claudia. Would they have gone through with them sleeping together and then done another who’s the daddy storyline?

Speaking of, Claudia’s continued proclamations of her and Johnny’s love is so creepy. Although, I’m glad Olivia, and even Dante to an extent, has called her out on her unhealthy attachment to her brother.

Johnny and Dante continue to further endear themselves to me. Aside from Johnny’s drunken attempt at coaching Carly through her labor pains, I love how fiercely protective he is of Olivia with his sister and father, and how passionate he is with her. As for Dante he is just as loyal and protective towards the people he loves and so cute with Lulu. I’m really loving them together and like that they are taking their time with this couple.