Opposite sex BFFs on General Hospital

Image: Sean Smith, Howard Wise/JPI

Men and women’s bonds don’t always have to be romantic to make an impact.

When looking back at the friendships in Port Charles, we couldn’t help but notice how many have been of the opposite sex variety. For some reason, proving men and women can be just friends, makes the bonds all the more enjoyable. So much so we often don’t want them to ever cross that line. With General Hospital eyeing plans to resume production, we hope to see many of these BFFs back in action soon.

Some friendships were born after moving on from sexual attraction like Carly and Jason, while others, like Lucy and Scott, have been on and off for years, but at their core know they can always count on each other. Meanwhile, BFFs Britt and Brad are kindred spirits and Emily and Lucky gravitated toward each other as children during tumultuous times.

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Friendships can also span generations as is the case with Sonny and Lois. Though Lois isn’t in Port Charles any longer, Sonny is now forming a relationship with her daughter Brook Lynn. Sonny and Lois’ friendship also crossed over to their significant others, Brenda and Ned, who were close platonic buddies in their own right.

There’s also Curtis who is friends with just about every woman in town, but two stand out the most. And Finn, who was able to penetrate Tracy’s icy exterior, thereby creating an unforgettable friendship we still miss.

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