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TJ’s surprise…

We’re back with another General Hospital work of fiction and this time you’ll want to prepare yourself for what’s coming!

“Push Molly, come on one last big one. You can do it,” says Dr. Britt Westbourne.

“I can’t,” says Molly with sweat on her forehead as she squeezes TJ’s hand tightly.

“Molly, one more time and we can meet our child. You can do it.”

Amid the sounds of the monitors beeping and the grunts and groans of childbirth, Molly pushes through.

“I can see the baby’s head. Keep pushing. You’re doing a great job, Molly. Keep it up. You’re almost there. You and TJ will soon get to hold your child in your arms.”

Out comes the baby into Britt’s hands with a loud healthy cry, only a newborn entering the world can make. “She’s here. She’s beautiful.” Britt smiles. TJ and Molly let out exhausted cries of happiness. TJ kisses Molly’s forehead and says he loves her.

Looking to TJ, Britt asks if he wants to cut the umbilical cord. Letting go of Molly’s hand, TJ comes to the end of the delivery table to meet his child and cut the cord. He looks down at the baby girl. He is speechless. TJ looks at the wrinkled, bloodied, and pale baby girl. She is white. Not an ounce of African American in her. Confused with what he sees in the baby, he cuts the cord. TJ stands there in silence.

“What’s wrong. Is the baby alright?”

Britt takes the baby and hands her to Molly.

Molly takes her daughter with a cheerful smile and full of happiness admiring the baby does not notice that TJ is still silent. Molly looks over at TJ who is standing at the edge of the bed. Molly says, “She is just a newborn. All babies look like this.”

TJ looks at Molly, then walks out of the delivery room. “TJ, wait, come back.” Molly begins to cry loudly and desperately.

Alexis, who is out in the waiting room, with Jordan and Curtis, as well as Sam and Kristina, hears Molly as TJ opened the delivery room door. As TJ rushes by them, Alexis, Sam, and Kristina go into see what happened to Molly and the baby.

Molly is crying hysterically. Alexis looks at her new granddaughter and sees the white beautiful baby girl. Alexis holds Molly in her arms as Molly continues to cry out for TJ. Sam and Kristina look at Alexis, who looks back at them, they know why TJ ran out.

Of course, Molly never told TJ about her hook up with Brando. What will TJ do? What will Brando do? Browse our gallery below for a look at Molly through the years in Port Charles.

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