Real life GH partners

Jill Johnson/JPI

General Hospital actors and actresses with their real-life loves

We recently reported that General Hospital plans to resume filming in July. Currently, a firm date is not yet known for when they will begin shooting, but based on Bold & Beautiful, who has resumed production, we can make some assumptions as to safety precautions that will be taken. We already know that temperature taking, social distancing, and face coverings will be used to ensure the safety of all involved. The television and film industry, in proposing guidelines for re-opening, also suggested not allowing children actors to work for the time being. Therefore we may not see much of General Hospital’s talented younger cast initially. There could also be guidelines for anyone over the age of sixty or with any immune-compromised issues.

Bold & Beautiful producer Brad Bell recently suggested in order to get around restrictions on filming love scenes, which involves close contact, that real-life partners of actors may step in with wigs and other camera tricks of the trade to hide their faces. This could be made to work on General Hospital, as well as Days of our Lives and Young & Restless. Several actors on the ABC soap opera are either married or in long term relationships and live with their significant others. We just reported on Briana Henry’s wedding. Last year her co-star Josh Swickard was married. While they are newly married, other couples have been together for years or decades. Some found love on set, others reconnected with a former co-worker. Then there are those married to people outside of the industry or have been together for a while but have chosen not to marry for their own reasons.

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