Ava, Morgan, Sonny face off on General Hospital
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Rewrite history or leave it alone?

Since new episodes of the soaps have been on hiatus, aside from Days of our Lives, we’ve been imagining our own storylines with some fun fan fiction. Twitter users have also been coming up with their own dream scenarios (which isn’t anything new really) and recently threw out a twist they’d like to see on General Hospital – Morgan, not Sonny, is really Avery’s father. Is this something you’d like to see happen? It’s definitely soap worthy and I can see the possibility for great story, but my answer to that question is…I don’t know.

The original storyline, which was years in the making, was filled with everything that makes soap operas what they are. Ava was sleeping with the much younger Morgan, who was previously in love with her daughter Kiki. Ava was also covering up the fact that she killed Connie, Sonny’s childhood love, but A.J. knew about it and was threatening her. Sonny walked in on them in a struggle and shot A.J., who was the biological father of Michael, the son Sonny raised as his own. Then, while Ava helped Sonny cover up his crime, they slept together despite their intense hatred for one another. Of course, she got pregnant and a who’s the daddy storyline ensued with Sonny revealed as the father.

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Rewritten history is a soap staple, but my initial reaction to making Morgan Avery’s father is that the time for it is long past. It should have happened within the year of Avery’s birth, not years later when Sonny and Carly have raised her as their own. We just watched Lucas’ heartbreak over giving up Wiley to Michael, I’m not sure I want to see another parent ripped from their child, even if Sonny would still be Avery’s grandfather. Also, Morgan is dead. Unless it’s part of a back from the dead storyline, it wouldn’t be worth it.

However, I then read follow up storyline ideas from the Twitterverse that got me intrigued. Mostly one from SoapJenn of Brad finding out Carly is keeping that information a secret, blackmailing her into helping him get Lucas back and tying it in to Brad’s Wu mob family backstory, which I am all for as I included it in my own General Hospital fan fiction. The twist could give CarSon tons of drama to mine, bring back Morgan, reignite a Corinthos/Jerome war, and have further reaching consequence than I can think of right now.

What do you think? Would you like to see Morgan revealed as Avery’s father? Or do you think that ship has sailed? Vote in our poll below and then look through our gallery of the many obstacles Sonny has faced over the years.

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