gh cast photos from general hospital fan club weekend

Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

General hospital actors Pre-Daytime Emmy podcast with nominees.

General Hospital’s Bradford Anderson (Port Charles’ Damian Spinelli) along with Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) interviewed several of the actors and actresses nominated for this year’s 2020 Daytime Emmy Awards for their podcast That’s Awesome with Steve and Bradford and posted clips of them on Anderson’s Instagram account. Burton and Anderson’s podcast is also available to watch on Popstar TV. Popstar TV is free and is available in the App Store, Google Play, Fire TV, Roku devices and more and can also be watched online.

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In their first episode, they chatted with the nominated women of General Hospital, Maura West (Ava Jerome) and Finola Hughes (Anna Devane and Alex Marick), and were later joined by Kathleen Gati (Liesl Obrecht). West and Hughes talked about how they pick the material they decide to submit to the Daytime Emmys for consideration. West explained that every time the nomination season comes around it is her son Joseph who picks her material and then she asks the producers and other staff at the show for their opinions. West also added that she has a hard time watching herself, and so she looks to others for opinions. Hughes recalls advice that Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) once gave to her, saying that you are never as good as you think you are, but you are never as bad as you think you are. As the interview carried on, Burton joked how got nominated for doing nothing, and briefly showed off his bleach-blond dyed hair. Gati talked about the wonderful time she had working on the set of A Mermaid For Christmas and how hard it is to be a producer on set.

In another episode, the pair chatted with Sean Kanan, nominated for playing Sam in the digital series Studio City (ex-AJ Quartermaine, Deacon Sharpe on Bold & Beautiful), Will Lipton (Cameron Webber) and Eden McCoy (Joss Jacks). Kanan discussed how grateful he is for Studio City’s award nominations. When asked what is up with her, McCoy joked absolutely nothing and her life has completely stopped given the state of affairs in the country, but was thrilled to learn of her nomination.

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