What GH Viewers want to See
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General Hospital viewers speak out about what should happen.

We asked readers on Facebook and Twitter what they would like to see happen on General Hospital when the soap opera returned, and boy did they have a lot to say. There were so many great comments and storyline ideas that we couldn’t possibly include them all, but have rounded up the most popular ones below.

Pick up the pace

Over and over again, viewers commented they were tired of storylines dragging on for up to two years in some instances. They want to see the pace picked up. Readers seemed split on whether when the show returned if there should be a time jump. Many felt a time jump would be a way out of these stuck storylines and viewers could be filled in on the new normal in Port Charles through flashbacks, while others wanted the show to pick up exactly where it left off.

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No more Nelle

Probably the most repeated suggestion was to get rid of Nelle. Most readers are tired of her and this custody storyline and simply want her gone. Some suggested a good old fashion murder mystery with her being the victim could be fun to watch. Others want to see Julian turn the tables on her. Some however like Nelle and would like to see her get joint custody of Wiley with Michael.

Nelle is Married on GH

Nina’s daughter

General Hospital viewers were divided on whether they wanted to see Nelle be revealed as Nina’s daughter. Some did and thought Nelle could be slightly redeemed, while others want a twist and to see Willow as Nina’s daughter.

Prison for Peter

As with Nelle, the majority of viewers are tired of Peter’s machinations and his storyline dragging on. They want Alex to return and for it to be revealed Peter is her son, and for Peter’s crimes to finally be exposed. Some wouldn’t mind him being hauled off to Steinbauer, and others are okay with him just being killed off.

To be pregnant or not

Many General Hospital viewers do not want to see Maxie pregnant with Peter’s child, but surprisingly do want to see Liz learn she is pregnant with Franco’s child.

End the quadrangle

Likewise, viewers are already tired of the just begun Michael, Willow, Chase and Sasha quadrangle storyline. They want to see the original couples back together, or at least for Michael and Willow to realize what Sasha and Chase did for them, and the four agree to keep up the charade until Nelle is dealt with. A baby for Willow and Chase was brought up more than once.

Willow is desperate to stop Nelle on General Hospital

More Alexis and Neil

Though there were no suggestions on what they’d like to see storywise for this couple, many love Alexis with Neil and hope they haven’t been torn apart for good given where they left off losing their careers.

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More balance and fun

There was an overwhelming amount of comments about balance on the show. People want to see less Jason, Sonny and Carly, and more focus on the hospital and the vets. There were a lot of suggestions for fun adventure storylines for the vets. These included giving Laura a good storyline, possibly one involving her, Kevin, and a mystery on Cassadine Island. Other suggestions were to have Robert, Anna, Mac, and Felicia go off to find Holly, only to discover an alive Drew. Readers also wanted more storylines that make them feel a connection to the characters, such as with BJ’s heart transplant and the Robin and Stone storyline.

sonny and jason want to kill shiloh on general hospital

Big returns

General Hospital viewers want Dante back on their screens, along with his brother Morgan. Similarly, there were calls for Britt and Obrecht to return. Check out our gallery below on ways Dillon Quartermaine could also return. Viewers also want Hayden back and reunited with Finn and Violet. Many are tired of Finn and Anna as a couple, and believe Anna can get back to being more like herself without Finn, though Peter is also a big factor in the changes seen in Anna’s character.


Readers were split when it came to Jason and Sam. The JaSam fans want to see an end to their separation and a big wedding for them, and to see them happy as a family. Others are bored of JaSam and want them to move on. Pairing Brando with Sam was mentioned, as was an affair between Jason and Carly. It was even suggested pairing Jason and Ava up. Sonny won’t be a fan of those last two ideas!

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