dante tells lulu he has to leave on general hospital
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We previously presented our case for why Dante should return to General Hospital. Now, we’re imagining, with some fan fiction, how Dante’s return could play out should he come home if Mike dies.

Sonny hangs his head as he enters the house and stands in the foyer. He sees a familiar figure looking out the double doors to the terrace, his arms crossed over his chest. Tears well up in Sonny’s eyes. “Son.”

Dante walks over to hug his father. “I’m so sorry about Mike,” he says.

“Thank you,” Sonny responds as the men pull apart and sit on the couch. “I didn’t know you were going to be here. Or that you even knew your grandfather had passed.”

“Robert got word to me about Mike. It was a last minute decision to come home,” Dante explains while fidgeting with one of Donna’s toys on the coffee table. “I did go to the church though. I just stayed out of sight in the back.”

“Everyone would have been happy to see you,” Sonny assures him while gently clasping his shoulder. “Are you done with treatment? Are you home for good?”

“We can talk about me later,” Dante responds. “How are you holding up?”

The sound of the front door opening interrupts the men, causing them to turn. Olivia, a pan of food in her hand, walks towards them. Her eyes lock on Dante. She stops.

“Dante,” she gasps. “Is that really you?” Dante stands up as Olivia drops the pan on the desk and rushes to him. “Hi, Ma,” he whispers, absorbing the impact of her embrace.

Olivia pulls back and cups his face with her hands. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be here,” she asks. Then to Sonny, “Did you know about this?” Back to Dante, “You look so thin. Are you hungry? I brought baked ziti. Where are you staying? Ned took Leo home. I’ll call him and make sure a room is set up for you at the mans…”

“Ma, Ma. Stop. Take a breath.” Dante pleads. Olivia cries and pulls him into another hug.

The front door opens again. Dante looks up from Olivia to see Carly who flashes a look of surprised recognition. Her expression morphs into concern as she glances back towards the door. Dante follows her gaze to see Lulu with a man he recognizes from Mike’s service — Dustin.

Dante stiffens as he breaks free from Olivia. He stares at Dustin whose right hand rests on Lulu’s back, while his left hand clasps Rocco’s tiny palm.

Lulu’s eyes widen. “Dante…”

What do you think will happen next? How do you envision Lulu’s reaction to Dante’s return? Help us continue the story below.

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