general hospital jason michael real father

Image: XJ Johnson/JPI

It’s the shocker some fans have “predicted” for years!

Sometimes, fans can see a plot twist coming a mile away. Every now and then, however, they put forth a theory that is as unlikely to play out on screen as it is brilliant — such as the idea that General Hospital‘s Jason is the true biological father of Carly’s son, Michael.

The potential paternity twist may at first seem far-fetched, but it doesn’t come entirely out of left field. Let’s not forget that before becoming best buds, Jason and Carly were the kind of friends who have benefits. And when Carly suffered a debilitating bout of postpartum depression after giving birth, it was Jason who cared for Michael, allowing everyone to think he was the baby’s father even while refusing to lie if directly asked. (Were it not for Robin’s need to butt in and tell A.J. the truth, people might still believe Jason to be Michael’s pop as opposed to his uncle!)

In the years since, Jason has been a major presence in Michael’s life, serving as his friend, protector and confidant. He even went to jail to help keep the young man safe after he was sent to the slammer for stepmom Claudia’s murder. And every single time the leather-clad hitman acted as a surrogate dad to his best friend’s son, fans have suggested the tie that binds Michael and Jason be made official.

It’s not like this shocker would be particularly difficult to pull off. Given Carly and Jason’s history, a few lines of dialogue and a newly-created flashback would do the trick. The payoff, on the other hand, would be epic, especially if it turned out that Carly has known all along and opted to keep the truth from her husband, his loyalist employee and the young man they both love! What would Sam do if she accidentally stumbled upon the life-altering truth and had to decide what to do with the info?

The storyline possibilities are as endless as they are tantalizing. But is this something you’d like to see play out? Hit the comments below to weigh in on the idea, and tell us how you imagine it playing out!

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