Alexis questions Neil about what he wants on General Hospital
Credit: Image: ABC

The options are endless for the brilliant, outspoken Ms. Davis.

Before General Hospital’s hiatus, due to the production shutdown, Alexis learned she was disbarred for lying under oath about her relationship with Neil, her former therapist. Though Alexis was last seen pondering who she is if not an attorney, wonders if this might be a good opportunity for Alexis to rediscover herself. What do you think? Should Alexis discover a newfound passion, or should she dedicate herself to reinstating her license?

After a cursory internet search, it seems a disbarred Alexis working at a law firm or a legal clinic in the state of New York in a non-lawyer capacity is frowned upon. It’s also likely she’d face a lengthy (we’re talking years) process to try to get reinstated. However, this is a soap opera. Since criminals go free all the time in daytime, we’re pretty sure Alexis becoming a lawyer again via a convenient loophole would be a piece of a cake for the General Hospital writers.

On the other hand, it might be fun to watch Alexis try to find herself. We’re not entirely sure who would hire a disgraced lawyer, but again…soap operas. Maybe she could teach a class at Port Charles University. She would definitely have an interesting perspective on ethics. Or she could go the route Kate Roberts took on Days of our Lives by taking a job no would ever expect, like waiting tables at Kelly’s or even Charlie’s. Julexis fans might be on board with the latter. Then, to further mimic Kate, she could start working for the mayor. We’re pretty sure Laura could use a smart, savvy woman in her office. Alexis could also take classes herself or start a business with Diane or get involved in Cassadine family drama.

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There’s always the possibility of Alexis going on a good adventure. She could definitely use some fun while on a madcap adventure with Diane. Or, while on a romantic vacation with Neil, before they fully deal with the reality of no longer having careers, they stumble upon a mystery they must solve together.

The future is wide open for Alexis. What do you want to see for her when General Hospital returns? Vote and comment below. And if you haven’t yet, sign up for’s newsletter to stay up to date on all the latest news, spoilers, and interviews.