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Is a man from her past…also her future? You decide!

Put General Hospital’s Alexis on the witness stand, and she’d swear on a stack of Bibles that her mind is made up. She wants to be with Neil — case closed. But her heart might still raise an objection. “Can you honestly say,” it might ask upon cross-examination, “that you no longer have feelings for your former husband, Julian?” Dun-dun-dun!

Alexis, of course, would insist that she’s as over her ex as J.Lo is Ben Affleck. But we’re not so sure. (By which we mean super skeptical.) So we’re putting it to you, readers, to decide which man is really her Mr. Right. First, a CliffNotes review of both relationships…

Julian, you’ll recall, already had a past with Alexis by the time he returned to Port Charles as Derek Wells in 2013. They’d even conceived a child together — hi, Sam — that kind of past. And it turned out the long-ago lovers still had chemistry out the wazoo. So, despite the fact that she was an officer of the court and he was a mobster, they surrendered to passion and said “I do.”

It went about as well as you’d expect. Julexis generated so much heat that they never bothered to touch the thermostat during winter. But he kept getting mixed up in murders (being a Mafioso is hard, yo!), she hit the bottle and then him (with her car!), and finally, he held a knife to her throat. To protect her from his insane sister, Olivia, but still…kind of a deal-breaker.

Alexis and Neil’s relationship, by contrast, has been relatively chill. Sure, there was the awkwardness of the psychiatrist realizing that he’d unwittingly asked out his new patient. And there was the tension that arose when another of her babydaddies, Sonny, made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse (to help a brainwashed Kristina). Oh, and there was a lot — like, a lot — of anxiety surrounding the way that Alexis and Neil’s clandestine romance led to her disbarment and their current separation.

Hey, we did only say that Alexis and Neil’s relationship had been relatively chill compared to Alexis and Julian’s. And that’s not the question, anyway. The question is, which of these connections is the one that’s worth fighting for? Would you prefer to see Alexis step in and try to save Julian from his marriage of (in)convenience to Nelle? Or are you hoping that Alexis and Neil will find a way to be together again sooner than later? Vote in the poll below, then back up your vote with a compelling argument in the comments section underneath.


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