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Credit: Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC

A romantic, explosive and often tumultuous 20 + year romance.

This week General Hospital is airing Sonny and Carly episodes spanning from February 2007 to October 2016. Maurice Benard created the role of Sonny in 1993 and Laura Wright took over as Carly in 2005. Viewers will be taken on a journey through some of the couple’s best and most memorable moments. While there were very happy and romantic times, others were filled with anger and sorrow, but in the end, this longtime Port Charles couple always seems to come full circle – and back together…

Sonny Corinthos had been a resident of Port Charles for a few years before Caroline ‘Carly’ Benson (first played by Sarah Brown) arrived in town in 1996. Though he had various relationships before his time with Carly, their initial chemistry was undeniable – even though she was married to A. J. Quartermaine (Billy Warlock). Sonny and Carly have been married four times, and back in 2001, as well as in 2019, they renewed their vows. Their love has survived affairs and the loss of a child.

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The couple has two children together, Morgan and Donna, though Sonny went on to adopt Michael – Carly’s son with A.J. Quartermaine. Their family became mixed over the years with children from other relationships. Carly has a daughter, Josslyn, with Jasper Jacks. Sonny has two other daughters, Kristina with Alexis Davis, and Avery with Ava Jerome, plus another son Dante with Olivia Falconeri. He also had a daughter, Lila with Sam McCall, who died during birth and saved Kristina, who received an umbilical cord stem cell transplant for her leukemia.

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