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The excitement goes down with a twist.

Fan fiction for General Hospital’s Julian, and Duke…

“Duke, I’m sorry,” Julian says, his hands up in surrender. “I was just a dumb kid when I helped my Pop pull you into our organization. I wanted to prove myself to him. I didn’t realize what it would cost you. I’d never had what you had with Anna. I’d never loved anyone like that—enough to give up the business and go legit like you did. But now I realize, thanks to Alexis. I realize what I did to you and Anna. And I’m sorry.”

“You’re pathetic,” Duke sneers. “How dare you compare yourself to Anna and me? She and I were supposed to spend our lives together. Instead, because of you, I spent 20 years unjustly locked up in Turkish prison. While you were a free man. You’ve no idea what I went through. None.”

“Duke,” Anna Devane says quietly, from behind Lavery. “Don’t.”

“She’s right. You don’t wanna do this, Lavery,” Julian wheedles. “Don’t do to me and Alexis what I did to you two.”

“You’re better than this,” Anna says to Duke. “You’re better than him. I know you are.” She moves alongside him and grasps his forearm. “You know it, too. Hell, even he knows it. Don’t do this. He deserves it, but you deserve better.” She steps in front of Duke, placing herself between him and Jerome – in front of the gun barrel. “Don’t move, Julian,” she orders, half-expecting Jerome to rush and try to wrest the weapon from them.

“Anna, no,” Duke says.

Anna places her hands atop Duke’s as he grips the gun. She looks into Duke’s eyes. “I need you to keep loving me more than you hate him. Please.”

Duke lowers the gun. “Take it,” he says.

It’s in Anna’s hands now, and she turns toward Julian, pointing the gun at him again. “You did this to him,” she accuses Jerome. “It’s all your fault. I swear to god, if you ever hurt him again…if you ever hurt anyone…if Alexis or one of her children or yours so much as gets their feelings hurt because of you…I swear, I’ll do this for Duke. I’ll do it myself.”

“I understand,” Julian says.

Anna jerks her head toward the stairs. “Go. Get out.” She keeps the weapon trained on Julian as he makes his way to the steps.

After Jerome climbs the stairs and scurries away, Anna lowers the gun. “Come here,” she says, turning to Duke, her voice breaking and tears springing to her eyes. She flings her arms around his neck.

Duke’s arms circle her waist. “I’m sorry,” he whispers.

“Shhh. I’m sorry, too. It’s okay now. Everything’s gonna be okay.”

At the top of the stairs, Ava Jerome whispers to her brother. “Think they bought it?”

“That I’m so in love with Alexis that I want to leave the family business? Let’s hope so….”

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