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Why has the toddler’s “other dad” been left out of the picture?

While General Hospital’s Nelle and Michael anxiously await word on which of them will be awarded custody of son Wiley, we can’t help feeling as if neither should walk out of court a winner. Why? Because there’s someone far more deserving than Nelle — and at least as worthy as Michael — who never even got to make his case!

Anybody remember Lucas? You know, the guy who raised Wiley for the first year of his life? The man who was lied to by his husband and nearly killed by his father?

Ever since the truth came out about Wiley, Lucas has been completely backburnered. He broke our hearts when saying farewell to — and then handing over — the little boy, and we assumed he would play a significant role in the custody fight to come. Instead, we’ve barely seen Lucas, despite the character being central to several unfolding stories, including the demise of his own relationship!

Imagine if instead of marrying Julian — which, while entertaining, made absolutely no sense — Nelle had instead turned to Lucas. Despite all the pain the viperish vixen has caused his sister, Carly, he’d no doubt be tempted to strike a bargain with the she-devil if it meant staying in Wiley’s life. (And just imagine how fun it would have been to watch Carly give Sonny a run for his money in the barware-throwing department upon hearing the news!)

Michael and Nelle’s battle made for some intense courtroom antics, but leaving Lucas out of the mix has created a big hole where the story’s heart should be.

Do you agree that Lucas deserves to be a much bigger part of this story — and maybe even have custody of Wiley? Sound off in the comments below.

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