Nelle blackmails Julian GH
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The big confrontation between Lucas and Julian.

Jarrett Edwards is back with another General Hospital fan fiction story. Last time he brought us that dramatic confrontation between Monica and Carly over AJ and Nelle, and this time, he’s imagining what it would be like to watch Lucas confront Julian over marrying Nelle in order to gain custody of Wiley.

After leaving the courthouse, Julian told Nelle he wants to be left alone. He walks into a darkened Charlie’s Pub, but he is not alone.

“How could you,” comes a harsh voice from the bar. Julian turns on the lights to inevitably discover it is Lucas.

“Lucas, let me explain…” Julian starts nervously.

“Save the feeble explanations. There is no pathetic excuse for what you have done,” Lucas interjects angrily. “By marrying Nelle and supporting her attempt to get custody of Wiley, you have overwhelmingly shown me once and for all that you haven’t changed.”

“But Lucas, I sincerely love Wiley. You know I love him,” Julian vainly tries to respond.

“Honestly, I thought you did. As many times as you have let me and Sam, and everyone ever connected to you down. I really thought that you genuinely loved Wiley and that you were desperately determined to be a better man for Leo. But, again, you have shown that you will never change,” Lucas continues grimly as he is walking to the door.

“You are nothing to me anymore. Don’t try to speak to me or contact me, ever again. My true father, my only father was Dr. Tony Jones,” Lucas says bluntly as he walks out the door of Charlie’s.

“Lucas,” Julian calls out, but Lucas doesn’t even turn around.

As Julian looks around Charley’s, the symbol of his new life, that is now all for nothing, he picks up a used bottle of whiskey and throws it into his mirrored reflection, shattering it like he has shattered his life. As he sits down, with his nervous hands on his head trying to figure out where everything went wrong, he realizes his phone is vibrating with notifications. Ava, Alexis and Olivia, have been blowing up his phone. He doesn’t read all the texts or listen to all the voicemails. Just glancing at them, he can tell they are more recriminations. One of Ava’s texts especially hurts. It says.”Julian, you can’t hurt a child like this. Michael might be Sonny’s son, but Wiley is innocent!”

Julian says gloomily to himself. “If even Ava, is turning her back on me, I have no choice.” He carefully picks up the phone and makes a phone call. “Diane, it’s Julian. I need to tell you some things…”

What is Julian going to tell Diane that could make this all better? Will it be enough to fix his broken relationships?

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