Nikolas and Spencer reunion on General Hospital
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Viewers were left on a cliffhanger regarding Nikolas’ priorities – family or money.

In early May, Nikolas received a letter from Spencer who offered his father a deal: Spencer would forgive Nikolas for letting him think he was dead if he divorced Ava. Nikolas was all for it until Ava reminded him of their postnup agreement stating Ava gets ninety percent of his fortune if he leaves her. It took some time for Nikolas to respond to Spencer’s letter, but he finally called his son with a decision before General Hospital went on hiatus. How do you hope that cliffhanger is resolved when new episodes return? Vote in our poll below after weighing The Prince’s options.

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By choosing his fortune, Nikolas believes he’d be preserving his son’s legacy and maintaining the life Spencer has grown accustomed to. However, Spencer has made it clear he just wants his father, money be damned. An argument could be made that Nikolas is the one worried about losing his own legacy and the comforts that come with all that cash and status. If he does choose his son and loses his power, he might be forced to get an actual job and Spencer would be in for some real culture shock. It could be fun to watch the Cassadines learn to live like commoners while rebuilding their lives.

On the other hand, if Nikolas chooses to stay with Ava, it would extend their cat and mouse game which includes a lot of fun snarking and sexual tension. This would hopefully lead to them either falling in love and becoming a true power couple or at the very least hot hate sex. It would also give Spencer and Nikolas a lot of story to mine for some time. Spencer isn’t happy Nikolas let him grieve for so long and him choosing money once again over his son could make Spencer actively turn on his father, which could lead to juicy story.

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There is a third option that includes Nikolas continuing to play both sides. He could stay with Ava for the money, but only until he finds a way to take her down. He’s already working on pushing Ava towards an affair with Franco thus invalidating their arrangement. Should he continue with that plan or come up with a new one, Nikolas should probably let Spencer in on it so as not to further alienate him. Better yet, he could team up with Spencer, who was born for such machinations, but since Spencer is furious with Nikolas for choosing money over him in the first place, that might not go over so well.

What do you think Nikolas should do? Vote and speculate on the storyline below!

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