3 Things to Happen on GH
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General Hospital storylines that have gone on too long.

General Hospital is currently airing previously aired episodes, the details of which you can find in our General Hospital spoilers. While we wait for the ABC soap opera to return, there are three plot points we’d like to see happen when it is back on our screens.

1. Peter’s crimes exposed

Peter August being exposed for his crimes is long overdue. In order to hide how deeply involved he was with Helena Cassadine and the Jason Morgan and Drew Cain memory transfer he attempted to have Dr. Andre Maddox murdered, brought down Drew Cain’s plane leaving him presumed dead, and tried to murder Andre twice along with Franco Baldwin, who had Drew’s memories at the time. When someone has come close to discovering the truth he’s managed to shut them down. He got Robert Scorpio’s investigation into him closed, ratted Sam McCall and Jason Morgan out to her parole officer, and recently framed Dr. Obrecht for the attacks on Andre, Drew and Franco. Now Maxie Jones is potentially pregnant with his child. It’s time for Peter to pay.

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2. Let Mike move on

Max Gail has been phenomenal portraying Alzheimer’s patient Mike Corbin. Everyone involved in this storyline has done an amazing job in terms of acting, and it’s extremely well written and true to life. Anyone who has had a loved one suffer from this terrible disease can relate to this story. However, it has gone on long enough. With Mike in an almost vegetative state and requiring a feeding tube to survive, it’s time to say goodbye. It’s a moment we have known would come since this storyline began.

3. Blow up Valentin’s plans to take over ELQ

For months Valentin Cassadine, with the help of his lawyer Martin Gray, has been working to buy ELQ stock so Valentin can have a majority holding and take over. So far the only reason we’ve been given is that Michael Corinthos dared to stand up to him when he learned about his scheme involving Sasha Gilmore, and Valentin’s pride was wounded. Cry me a river! If this storyline involved sex, murder, or anything more soap-like, perhaps it would be easier to get behind. Instead, it’s just corporate espionage, which happens in the everyday world. We want to watch this on a soap opera why? This storyline needs to be wrapped up simply because it’s boring! Besides, we already watched Nikolas Cassadine do the same thing a few years back. With Valentin making his intentions known to Brook Lynn in the last new episode, hopefully, this storyline can be nipped in the bud.

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