Sam and Brando possibilities on General Hospital
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Old school soap potential.

After having sex with Molly and offending Kristina regarding her cult days, Brando drew the ire of their sister Sam. She’s since apologized for her anger towards him, but the whole plot point felt like an excuse for a chemistry test. In my opinion, they passed. Their chemistry isn’t off the charts, but it’s enough to see the potential for a juicy storyline General Hospital could definitely use when they return with new episodes.

To recap, Molly had a one-night-stand with Brando when she thought her boyfriend TJ was ghosting her. In reality, TJ was being held hostage by Cyrus’ goons. Now that TJ has been freed and reunited with Molly, she’s wracked with guilt. That’s a classic soap opera move, but it’d be even soapier if her sister Sam then slept with the new mechanic in town.

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Since there’s no real relationship messiness in Port Charles right now, this could fill that void. Michael and Willow got married to gain custody of Wiley after believing their significant others slept together, but Chase and Sasha did no such thing. They only made it look like they had sex and there’s no indication thus far they will actually get together. Furthermore, there’s no sexual tension between Michael and Willow. Basically, the whole storyline is low stakes. There could be a fun Brook Lynn, Dustin, Lulu triangle but there’s not. Even the Jax, Nina, Valentin story isn’t playing those triangle beats. Molly and TJ themselves aren’t even that messy. I mean, they’re entering into a domestic partnership like they’re middle aged adults hashing out a business agreement. There’s nothing sexy about that. But, Molly’s sister sleeping with someone Molly also slept with could be. Or how about Brando seducing their mother Alexis? That’s Tad the Cad levels of old school soap right there! The writers could throw in a pregnancy, growing feelings between Brando and one of the sisters, jealousy from the other. So many possibilities!

As for Sam, it would give her storyline a shot of excitement. Considering she and Jason are staying apart due to her parole terms, she doesn’t have a lot going on. Jason is always interjected into Carly and Sonny’s drama, but Sam is just a sounding board these days for her mother and sisters. Why not give her and Jason another soap worthy obstacle to overcome on their way to a presumed reunion?

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What do you think? Do you want to watch the mess that could come of a Sam/Brando hookup or do you want to forget such an idea exists? Sound off below!

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