9 Questions Needed Answers on GH
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Lingering questions viewers want to see answered on General Hospital.

On Thursday May 21 General Hospital aired its last original remaining episode before the studios shut down due to the current situation the country is facing. Viewers will now be treated to classic previously aired episodes, and you can find out information about those in our General Hospital spoilers. While we wait for new episodes to return, here are some big questions we need answers to when the soap opera comes back on air.

1. Is Taggert alive?

Before Jordan Ashford threw Marcus Taggert and the rest of her DEO team under the bus for framing Cyrus Renault to Internal Affairs, she had a mysterious conversation with someone on a burner phone asking them if what she was doing was the right thing. Before Taggert died, and appeared stable in the hospital after being shot by Renault’s men, he was last with Sonny Corinthos and Jordan. They easily could have faked his death and hide him in a safe house until Cyrus was taken care of.

2. Is Trina Curtis’ daughter?

Months ago Trina Robinson mentioned she had taken an ancestry test and it showed she had a relative in Port Charles. When pressed by her friends, she planned not to follow up on it. We also know that Curtis Ashford’s Aunt Stella Henry had done one prior to Trina, which also matched her with a relative now living in England. When Curtis learned that Trina was Portia Robinson’s daughter, whom he had an affair with while she was with Taggert, he did the math. When he confronted her she assured him before the words could barely come out of his mouth that Trina was Taggert’s daughter. We have to wonder if Trina really is Curtis’ child. Seeing she blames him for Taggert’s death, it seems to be the perfect soapy set-up.

Curtis confesses he told Jordan about them to Portia on General Hospital

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3. Who is Peter’s mother?

Anna Devane spent half a year searching for her twin sister Alex Merrick to try and find out if her memories of carrying Peter August and giving birth to him were real, or if they were Alex’s memories that had been implanted in her as part of the memory mapping experiment. Viewers have never gotten a proper answer, and it’s long overdue.

4. What happened to Holly?

Even though this story just got rolling before the reruns began, it’s one that’s really hit viewers hard. Holly Sutton has been a fan favorite, and to kill her off-screen was a slap in the face to many. Like Robert Scorpio, who believes there is more to this story, many viewers refuse to believe Holly is dead. This could be the makings of a grand adventure to rescue Holly.

5. Is Nelle really Nina’s daughter?

In her box of letters and mementos, Nelle Benson-Jerome has the other half of Nina Reeves’ heart locket, which Nina believes is with her daughter. In the flashbacks of a young Carly, the young Nelle was shown wearing the locket. How then did Frank Benson get a hold of Nina’s daughter? And is she really Nina’s daughter? Many viewers expect another twist is yet to come.

Nelle confides in Nina on GH

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6. Who is Valentin’s father?

While Valentin is obsessed with gaining control of ELQ, a better storyline for him may be looking into his past. Viewers were stunned when the hidden codicil revealed not only was Valentin disinherited by Mikkos Cassadine, but he wasn’t even a Cassadine. He is the son of Helena and the son of some villager who worked on Cassadine Island, at least according to a ghostly visit from Helena. She passed him off as Mikkos’ child to spite her husband. While Helena may have had her fun with the help, would she really have one of their children? This was a woman obsessed with family lineages and bloodlines. Could Valentin’s father be someone important?

7. Where is Hayden?

Ever since Nikolas Cassadine chased her out of Port Charles by making her believe Valentin was a threat to her, Hayden has remained on the run and missing. It’s high time she is located, not just for the sake of the many viewers who love her, but for her daughter Violet.

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