5 reasons Dante should return to GH
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Family ties, a love triangle, and heartbreaking drama.

Dante Falconeri briefly returned to Port Charles in March 2019 after a lengthy off camera undercover stint for the WSB. Alas, infiltrating the organization of illegal arms dealer Raj Patel, who once targeted his wife Lulu Spencer Falconeri, left him traumatized. Fearing he’d hurt his loved ones, Dante left to seek treatment for his PTSD. In the process, he cut off all communication with his family and sent his wife divorce papers without discussing it with her. While actor Dominic Zamprogna reprising the role would be ideal, a recast would be acceptable considering Dante’s absence is still felt on the canvas. The following are five reasons Dante should return when General Hospital resumes production.

Deep ties to the canvas

Dante welcomes Ned to the family on GH

Dante was married to and has a child with Lulu who is a Spencer and whose mother, Mayor Laura Collins, is a Webber. Dante’s father, Sonny Corinthos, is the Don of Port Charles. His half-brother, Leo, is a Jerome, while his other brother, Michael, is a Quartermaine, as is his step-father, Ned, who is married to Dante’s mother Olivia Falconeri. Not to mention, Dante’s step-daughter Charlotte is a Cassadine. With such deep ties to the canvas, he can organically drop into just about any storyline.

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Dante is still on everyone’s mind

Dante caught between Lulu and Olivia on GH

Dante has been regularly mentioned since he left Port Charles for treatment last year. Olivia constantly judges Lulu for dating teacher Dustin Phillips, worried she’s trying to erase Dante in their son Rocco’s life. Then there’s Robert Scorpio, who continues to give Olivia and Sonny as much of an update as he can on Dante’s progress. Since Dante still has a presence on the canvas, his return would be a natural evolution of the story. With so much talk about Dante, it feels like he’s primed for a return, so why not just do it?

The soapy drama is all cued up

Dante and Lulu fight on GH

As mentioned, Dante’s ex-wife Lulu has been dating Dustin for months and his childhood friend, Brook Lynn Quartermaine, who Carly Corinthos once hired to seduce him in order to destroy his marriage to Lulu, is back in town. Brook Lynn also dated Dustin and her rivalry with Lulu is still intact. The messy quadrangle writes itself. Plus, Brook Lynn hasn’t had a romantic storyline since her return, so this could kick her storyline into high gear while giving Lulu the meatiest storyline she’s had since Dante left.

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Dante would be welcomed back on the force

Dante shakes Chase's hand on GH

The PCPD could use him should Dante be mentally well enough to return to the job. Even if he’s still on shaky ground, Robert could continue to keep an eye on him as he is often around the squad room in his position of District Attorney. Likewise, Dante’s former mother-in-law Laura Collins is the mayor and often seen in official capacity, which would probably add more drama to his story with Lulu. Police commissioner and Dante’s friend Jordan Ashford is digging herself in deeper with Cyrus Renault, so she could use another ally on the force. On the flip side, it would create a lot of tension should Dante not be sympathetic to her plight. As for his former partner Harrison Chase, he could use not only a partner, but a friend considering he lost his only one when he staged an affair for selfless reasons with Michael Quartermaine’s girlfriend Sasha Gilmore. Considering Michael is Dante’s brother it might be bumpy for a while, but Dante and Chase were developing an entertaining dynamic before Dante left so it’d be fun to return to that especially now that Chase isn’t the puppy cop he was when he first came to Port Charles.

The timing’s perfect

Dante hugs Sonny on GH

Sonny has had a tough year dealing with his father Mike Corbin’s slow demise due to Alzheimer’s disease. With Mike no longer eating, Sonny is faced with keeping his father alive or allowing him to die. Mike’s death probably won’t be far off when General Hospital returns with new episodes, which would be the perfect time for Dante to move back home. Either before Mike’s death to say goodbye to the grandfather he was getting to know, or just to support his family in the aftermath of his death. Imagine how emotional Sonny would be getting his son back just as he loses his father.

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